Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All of the kids are at school, Hubby is out hunting, do you hear that????? Silence yipee lol lol lol. Well not totally silence the birds are chirping and I'm watching Mission Organization:). We do need some organization around here. It will have to wait til after the holidays. I like Sarah's idea( Thank you Sarah !!!!) of a huge purge in January. Starting the new year free of all of the crap will be awesome. So crap beware your days are numbered.

How's every one doing with their holiday prep? Things here are moving along. I do have some wrapping to do which I'm planning to get to today. Hopefully you know what they say about the best layed plans right. In keeping with the holiday spirit how about a little give way ???Here are 4 of the ornaments that I made leave a comment, I'll pick and announce the winner tomorrow morning. Than the winner can send me their snail mail address and hopefully get them before Christmas.

I did finish my shawl ( bathmat lol ) last night .I'll put pics on flicker later. Just promise you guys don't hurt yourselves laughing ok lol. I have 2 more I want to make . 2 of Hubby's aunt are ill, so I'm going to make them each one . Maybe chenille ????

Today Hubby divided the bird cage. It looks like the parakeets are about to mate again. This will be the second time ( only one baby the last time and the poor thing didn't make it, we're keeping our fingers crossed ) The canary seems to think that he's in charge, he keeps bulling the other birds. So we'll see hopefully they'll use the nesting box this time.

Ok I'm off to do some much dreaded cleaning.Til tomorrow .Have a great day


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