Sunday, December 9, 2007

Good Morning to you

Bear is feeling better, his neck is still a bit sore. We're all finally sleeping again:) . I've been working on get the house back in order. It's coming along. I want to change the way I've been doing things around here. I've been tossing around some ideas I'll see what I can come up with . Do I wants to spend all day cleaning ???? OH HELL NO!!!!!, screw that. I can think of a hundred things I would rather be doing. But I like a clean and organized home. So my goal is to come up with a system that gives me the best of both worlds lol lol . Now don't get me wrong I LOVE the homemaking things that I do. I just want to focus on my family, making our house a comfy and cozy one, cooking great food, baking, saving money where we can , and crafting of course.

Speaking of crafting , we have been crafting like mad this week. Sissy has been an awesome help. She was right here with me crafting away lol , and she helped keep bear busy so I could get stuff done. Every year we give our family's cd's of pictures that we've taken since last Christmas. This year I had Sissy make covers for them. I'll post pics of all of the craft stuff soon , don't want anyone to peek lol. Last year I got 3 awesome ornament from my best buddy Dee that you can put pics in . SO lol much to Sissy's dismay I asked her to make me some thing for each one and they had to have LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE on them . Well Sissy being Sissy made up the funniest ones you can think of. When I' m done posting I 'll put them on my flicker slide show.We also painted the rest of the ornaments. (I'm working on finishing them up now , yep I'm just a mulit- tasking fool .) A few of years ago my sister started making " gift cups" for all the kids. She takes Christmas cups and fills them with candy, pencils, well you get the idea.Last year we made them too but this year we decided on bags instead of the cups. Sissy and I filled all of Bear's goodie bags and made up enough bags for all of the kids and who ever else might stop by. I do need to pick up some more candy for them but it's done. I did get the food shopping ( yuck yuck yuck ) done. I still need to pick up food for our Christmas party but thank god the bulk of the shopping is done lol lol lol .

Well now that I bored you all to tears :) I'm off . Have a great day.


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Sarah and Jack said...

I hate cleaning. It seems like such a waste b/c everything is messed up again in an hour.

I usually do a GIGANTIC purge of crap in January, and that helps for awhile.