Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We just found out that Sissy was accepted to Broome Community College. She had her heart set on Broome and we're all very proud of her. She is ready to go lol . Now mom has to deal with the fact that my little girl is off to college.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Same old : )

Well it's been a bit uh ? We're good. But I swear I've been running around like a crazed monkey for the last couple of days . My days seem to run together.

Last weekend was a blast . We spent 3 days just hanging out. Then Monday rolled around and holy cow .... it's been one thing after another. Had to pick up meds and drop off scripes. Took Sissy to the bank to open a checking account. Pick up meds again. Back to the bank lol .Today is the first day that I can hopefully stay in. I'm making progress in our room I think I'll be done by the end of the week. I did a small rearrange in Bear's room Monday. I think his computer is getting to hot ( it's been locking up if it's on to long) I hoping that moving it will fix the problem.

I was talking to my MIL over the weekend and she asked me to crochet her .. well lol not a shawl or a poncho I guess she wants a cape. 1 is a gift for a friend and 1 is for her. She said their arms get cold when they are playing cards hahahahaha oh and at bingo too lol . So I've been working on it since then . I couldn't find any thing on the net that wasn't too lacy . She doesn't want any holes . I'm so confused : ) . After 1 try I think I have it down maybe lol. We'll see soon I guess. I'm going to make another robe for Bear soon ( just waiting til the next time I go shopping)

So as you can see things are the norm here at the old homestead. Craziness still reigns supreme lol. Til next time have a great day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow it's cold. I went down to let out the chickens boy did I get some dirty looks lol lol. They say tomorrow will be colder yet I guess we'll see. Looks like a good time to hunker down in the house around the wood stove and watch movies :) I've been busy working around the house. Once we got the tree down I moved the computer desk and cabinet back in front of the windows . Of course I had to clean the baseboards and tackle the cob webs lol . I started deep cleaning our room, it's coming along. Because I tend to take on to much in one day I've been trying to tackle small jobs. It does keep me from feeling overwhelmed so I guess it's working :) I

Bear asked me to make him a Harry Potter robe. I was a bit shocked but said ok . See Daddy started reading him the books again and now that he's older he's really into it. Than he says can you make a scarlet one and a black one. OK I understood the black one but scarlet????? When I asked him about it he looked at me and said " Duh Mom scarlet is the color of the quidditch robes" Well smack me silly lol lol. Now I'm not very good at sewing but I planned to learn more lol . I guess this as a good as time as any. I can handle the basics but..... needless to say I made a mess out of the red one. It's all pieced together. The Frankenstein robe lol lol lol. Everyone said it looked OK ( but I feed them and they're afraid I'll do something to their food lol) It looks like a robe if you don't look to close. I think now that I have an idea of what to do I'll use franken-robe to make a pattern.I looked up patterns on line and found one that I think I can use to help with the measurements. I'll post pics when I get the new one done ( yes of both lol).

So besides all that things are moving along . I'm going to get off of here I have a meeting at the high school and need to get ready. Hubby won't let me go out in my normal attire lol aka sweats and one of his tee-shirts. So I guess a change of clothes is in order lol. Til next time, stay warm and have a great day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goals in 2009

Our biggest goal this year is to move. Yep it's time. We never meant to stay here this long. We always wanted a bigger piece of property . Some where to have more animals, more space to move around , and a little bit bigger house. A garage, some barns or other out buildings. Space for Hubby to have a man cave lol lol lol . I'm really not picky as long as it won't fall down around our ears I'm good lol. This will be my 25th move .... yep 25. I'm really really good at moving , but I want this to be the last time. So that means we need to start packing , sorting , cleaning out the other house. What a chore that is going to be. I can be really brutal when it come to getting rid of stuff ( packing before the last move I filled a dumpster ) much to Hubby's dismay lol . He's more of a pack rat than me , not by much lol but he is :) Our place isn't too bad and most of what we have up here is being used. That means that packing here will be easy lol .

Other goals ....

Save more money (redo our budget)

Live as green as possible.

Cook , can and bake more. ( use the crock pot more)

Learn to do new things.


Make and stick to a schedule ( kinda lol ).

Deep clean each room every month.

Craft alot more.

Make or thrift all of our gifts again this year.

I'm not sure how these are going to play out. I'm still working out the kinks . The other house is the biggest of the lot but I have to make sure that we find a good balance so we don't fall behind with the everyday stuff. Hopefully writing about it here will keep me on track, I'll be able to keep track of how I'm doing. I'll more than likely post about my progress weekly. I'm sure I'll need a kick in the butt every now and than :)

So that's all of them. I guess the our word for this year is Progress. And with that I'm off to make some progress ;). Til next time, have a great day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick again .

I swear I just got over a cold. Wednesday I started feeling a little stuffy , I chalked it up to dry air in the house . By that afternoon my right ear was killing me . Like some one shoved an ice pick in my ear . OK not cool , had Hubby put ear drops in, took drugs, used the heating pad, added water to the pot on the wood stove, ran the humidifier. I still feel like crap. I think my problem is that I'm just to thick skulled to just lay down and rest, needless to say I feel like a limp dish rag and I'd better chill out today before Hubby ties me to the bed lol. Any way the storm came , school was closed, the storm went lol and now looks like another one is a comin lol . It looks like just snow which we can handle. Might be a good thing lol I'll have to sit still for a couple of days.
Ok I'm getting the evil eye from Hubby lol lol lol . Time to hit the couch and be a good girl hahahaha.You guys have a great day Til next time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting ready.......

... for yet another snow/ice/sleet storm. Now snow is ok we can deal with snow . Ice can means downed trees , lose of power and sliding down the back hill at high rates of speed to let out the chickens . I hate ice lol. So we're getting ready. Time to charge the flash light batteries, check the batteries in the little radios and stock up the wood in the house. Of course today is my big shop day. I'll be shopping with all of those people who panic when we get an inch of snow lol . We all know how much I like to shop ( gag gag gag ) but days like this are just too much. But I need to get the shopping done not because of the storm..... because I always do the big shop the beginning of the month. If I don't get it done it messes up my whole schedule for the month. Ok so I'm a little anal ( maybe a lot but don't tell anyone I said that ). So shopping it is 3 stores, the farmers market, than off to the bank and post office. Hubby and I will get all the stuff put away than start on our daily chores.

Last weekend was pretty quiet. We just hung out and watched Harry Potter :) Yesterday morning we woke up and there was a 2 hour delay. OK I look out side nothing ummmm .The temperature says 34 weird . Bear was up so I fed him and got out his clothes. Time to play free the chickens, out the front door..... stepped out on the front deck and went flying ICE alot of ice ( ice sucks lol lol lol ) Ok slowly slide to the front walk ( which is stone lol ) and went flying again. I didn't fall thank god but if this keeps up I'll have a ton of frequent flyer miles lol lol .Now I slide to the driveway and decide to walk in the snow bank , all the way down the hill to the chickens haha better wet feet than a busted butt ; ) By the time the kids got on the bus things were pretty much melted. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and working on the shopping lists.

So gang I'm gonna get off of here and get every one together. Til next time... have a great day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope you guys had a great new year. Things here have been busy but oh so good lol. Christmas was great . The weather not so much lol . I store all of the gifts in the other house . So one has to walk down the driveway to get to it. In the middle of an ice/rain storm. OK so picture this . Buddy and I head down to start hauling stuff. Sissy is keeping her eye on the sleeping bear, Hubby is working on clearing the 2 inches of ice from the driveway. Did I tell you when I mean down I really mean down... all of the houses here are on top of a hill. So picture me and Buddy 2 inches of ice and a driveway that if you slide your going to end up shooting across the main road at a high rate of speed.OK so we start to working our way down ...him holding me up lol lol . Than we remembered last year when the kids put out the rain deer food ( in an ice storm lol ) Sissy started to slide down the hill and Buddy had to save her lol . Well we started laughing ...we got laughing so hard that we couldn't walk . We finally pulled ourselves together and got moving lol. We made it with out getting hit by a bus lol .The kids loved everything. ( Bear was a bit over whelmed got to much stuff I guess ....note to self less stuff for next year). Sissy made breakfast than the kids where off to their dads. Then we just hung out and eat. The duck came out really good. We made cranberry chestnut stuffing and covered it in home made cranberry sauce.The rest of the week flew by with visits from friends and family .New Years Eve here was quiet, hell we hit the bed at 10. Yesterday was spent just hanging out . I've been getting some new goals set for this year ( more on that in another post). Right now we're going to spend the next 3 days getting ready for school to start again.

So with that I'm off to hang with the kid and get some stuff done. Til next time have a great day.