Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow it's cold. I went down to let out the chickens boy did I get some dirty looks lol lol. They say tomorrow will be colder yet I guess we'll see. Looks like a good time to hunker down in the house around the wood stove and watch movies :) I've been busy working around the house. Once we got the tree down I moved the computer desk and cabinet back in front of the windows . Of course I had to clean the baseboards and tackle the cob webs lol . I started deep cleaning our room, it's coming along. Because I tend to take on to much in one day I've been trying to tackle small jobs. It does keep me from feeling overwhelmed so I guess it's working :) I

Bear asked me to make him a Harry Potter robe. I was a bit shocked but said ok . See Daddy started reading him the books again and now that he's older he's really into it. Than he says can you make a scarlet one and a black one. OK I understood the black one but scarlet????? When I asked him about it he looked at me and said " Duh Mom scarlet is the color of the quidditch robes" Well smack me silly lol lol. Now I'm not very good at sewing but I planned to learn more lol . I guess this as a good as time as any. I can handle the basics but..... needless to say I made a mess out of the red one. It's all pieced together. The Frankenstein robe lol lol lol. Everyone said it looked OK ( but I feed them and they're afraid I'll do something to their food lol) It looks like a robe if you don't look to close. I think now that I have an idea of what to do I'll use franken-robe to make a pattern.I looked up patterns on line and found one that I think I can use to help with the measurements. I'll post pics when I get the new one done ( yes of both lol).

So besides all that things are moving along . I'm going to get off of here I have a meeting at the high school and need to get ready. Hubby won't let me go out in my normal attire lol aka sweats and one of his tee-shirts. So I guess a change of clothes is in order lol. Til next time, stay warm and have a great day.

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