Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick again .

I swear I just got over a cold. Wednesday I started feeling a little stuffy , I chalked it up to dry air in the house . By that afternoon my right ear was killing me . Like some one shoved an ice pick in my ear . OK not cool , had Hubby put ear drops in, took drugs, used the heating pad, added water to the pot on the wood stove, ran the humidifier. I still feel like crap. I think my problem is that I'm just to thick skulled to just lay down and rest, needless to say I feel like a limp dish rag and I'd better chill out today before Hubby ties me to the bed lol. Any way the storm came , school was closed, the storm went lol and now looks like another one is a comin lol . It looks like just snow which we can handle. Might be a good thing lol I'll have to sit still for a couple of days.
Ok I'm getting the evil eye from Hubby lol lol lol . Time to hit the couch and be a good girl hahahaha.You guys have a great day Til next time.

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