Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting ready.......

... for yet another snow/ice/sleet storm. Now snow is ok we can deal with snow . Ice can means downed trees , lose of power and sliding down the back hill at high rates of speed to let out the chickens . I hate ice lol. So we're getting ready. Time to charge the flash light batteries, check the batteries in the little radios and stock up the wood in the house. Of course today is my big shop day. I'll be shopping with all of those people who panic when we get an inch of snow lol . We all know how much I like to shop ( gag gag gag ) but days like this are just too much. But I need to get the shopping done not because of the storm..... because I always do the big shop the beginning of the month. If I don't get it done it messes up my whole schedule for the month. Ok so I'm a little anal ( maybe a lot but don't tell anyone I said that ). So shopping it is 3 stores, the farmers market, than off to the bank and post office. Hubby and I will get all the stuff put away than start on our daily chores.

Last weekend was pretty quiet. We just hung out and watched Harry Potter :) Yesterday morning we woke up and there was a 2 hour delay. OK I look out side nothing ummmm .The temperature says 34 weird . Bear was up so I fed him and got out his clothes. Time to play free the chickens, out the front door..... stepped out on the front deck and went flying ICE alot of ice ( ice sucks lol lol lol ) Ok slowly slide to the front walk ( which is stone lol ) and went flying again. I didn't fall thank god but if this keeps up I'll have a ton of frequent flyer miles lol lol .Now I slide to the driveway and decide to walk in the snow bank , all the way down the hill to the chickens haha better wet feet than a busted butt ; ) By the time the kids got on the bus things were pretty much melted. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and working on the shopping lists.

So gang I'm gonna get off of here and get every one together. Til next time... have a great day.

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Rachel said...

Where I grew up as a child we always had ice storms they are terrible!! Now I live in Oregon and it's just been snowing like mad then it rains. We just had a huge storm come through dumped a ton of snow then the weather decided to warm up a bit.
So needless to say my walkway to my house is an ice skating rink!