Monday, November 19, 2007

The great pumkin massacre lol lol lol

So Saturday, after dropping Buddy at work, Sissy, Bear and I went to the local farmers market in search of pumpkins. Not a pumpkin in the place. So off to Walmart we went and grabbed 3 more pumpkins. We ran Sissy to work, than home to relax and wait for Hubby to get back from hunting.

Sunday morning rolls around Hubby heads out to hunt .The big kids both had plans . That just leaves me and Bear. Bear can be a pain in the ... neck if he's not kept busy . So I made us a list (I'm a big list maker) 1st on our list is to clean and cook the 3 pumpkins. No big deal right. WRONG. No matter what knife I used those I couldn't cut into them . Bear thought it was funny as hell . Me ... hell I was getting more pissed off by the minute. So I stuffed those stubborn God forsaken pumpkins in a grocery bag, grabbed Bear, went outside and smashed them on the front walk way. Now when I think about it , it was really some funny shit. The neighbors must thing that we're nut's but we got those damn things open damn it. OK so now you figure I can cut them now right. NO FRIGGING WAY so I covered them and tossed them into the oven cursing and screaming the whole time. Bear was laughing so hard I couldn't help laughing too.

On to the next things on our list. I gave Bear a chose for his Christmas grab bags. He could have the ones I got at the dollar store or we could stamp brown sandwich bags instead . He chose to stamp the bags so we got out the stuff and stamped away. Now I know it's a bit early to worry about the school Christmas party but I'm really anal and hate to do things at the last minute. We did 28 bags he only has 22 kids in his class but I wanted a some extras to give out if some drops by unexceptedly . We'll hopefully get them filled this week sometimes. We painted some of the ornaments . Cooked beef stew. Made a pumpkin pie. Watched Slappy and the Stinkers. Have you seen it ? If not you should it was super funny. Bear sat there laughing and watched the whole movie and he very rarely sits still for long . Than we just sat back and chilled for the rest of the night . Ate dinner. Bear of course just had to have some of the" murdered" pumpkin pie ( some times I just don't know about that kid.) and waited for Daddy to come home . Bear couldn't wait to tell Daddy about Mommy's wild pumpkin killing episode . Hubby just looked at my smiled and shook his head .all while trying to keep a straight face.

We did have a great weekend with miniumal yelling screaming and death treats . How was your weekend ???? Hope all is well .TTFN.


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