Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our crazy week ( and than some )

Let's see .... we cut down 7 tree's , lost my clothes line for a while. Hubby and I built a new one. Bear lost his first tooth ( the tooth fairy pays good lol ) We got  30 chickens so far only lost 4 (they thing I'm their mommy) .  They are still small but oh so cute.We're (with some friends )going to pick up some more this week. Started prepping the spot for the garden. Hubby has been working on the compost pile so when we're ready to till we can toss it in . I picked up some red morning glory's. We're going to plant them by the new clothes line . I found an old rusty chair frame in the woods so I want to plant some more around that. I'm hoping that I can get them to grow on it and get a flower chair lol lol . The spring clean came to a slow crawl . But I'm back on the move. We just took out all of the warm weather clothes out( found some of my jeans maybe I can get my chubby self into them lol lol) and as I type  ( multi tasking at it's finest lol lol lol ) I'm cleaning out our drawers and re packing the cold weather stuff       (  tossing as we go ). And I'm trying to get some basic house work done . Bear has another half day today and we have his parent teacher meeting today.  We have a friend of ours that is going to help us finish our 2 rentals. Thank god and it looks like we'll (keeping our fingers crossed) have them rented by the end of May. So that means lots of time cleaning up and painting . With all of that and the other stuff not much crafting going on. I have tons of stuff that I want to do but  it will have to wait til things settle down a bit.The baby keets is growing fast and will some come out of the nesting box.Looks like we'll have some canary babies after all.We found 2 this morning( and have our fingers crossed that they make it ) and 1 egg left hopefully it hatches tonight if not we have to take it out.


Well that's it for now .I want to do something for earth day hopefully tomorrow. Til next time .Have a great day

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