Friday, June 27, 2008

Always busy around here...

...not a bad thing but there are some days I just want to stay curled up in bed. Always more wood to cut /split/ stack,the garden to water /harvest ,the kids, housework ,ugh the list goes on and on.

The other house...
Well we're not opening the other house now.With the price of oil ( as of yesterday it was $4.59 a gallon) it's just not cost effective. So now the goal is to finish the clean out, get some furnisher decorate and rent it for next summer for the season. Hopefully some of the yard sales that are coming up will have stuff we can use. My craft rooms will stay put. When winter comes around I'll move all of the paints/glues and what ever else will freeze up here.

Specking of yard sales I did go to that church sale last weekend. Not to much unfortunately an older couple who does re sale got there at 8:30( sale started at 9) and filled 2 trucks. I did get some table clothes not vintage but 1 for fall and 1 for xmas plus 8 xmas napkins. I found a green crazy daisy bowl and a craft magazine. The haul was about $ 2.

We finally got the last shelve up in Bears room yesterday( happy dance lol ) So I spent the day reorganizing his stuff. The shelves are up over his windows so we put all of the games and puzzles that he doesn't play with all the time , a couple of rockets, some books on one. And all of his army/ gi joe stuff on the other. Than a quick clean up in the closet. Than the shelve on top of the dresser. Need less to say I'm still not done lol lol. It was supposed to be a quick thing lol lol lol . NOT!!!!! I always do that to myself oh well lol . Thank God Bear is willing to cull his stuff with out a fight as long as I give the stuff to some one. God forbid I try to toss some thing .

Well I'm off . Today is Bears last day of school, hopefully he doesn't have a melt down ( last year he cried and cried it took us 20 minutes to calm him down when he got home the poor bus driver) Catch ya later.

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