Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well I did it ...... twice

I finally broke down and got a new key board. Of course I waited until the old board was so bad that the puter just wouldn't boot .So after trying to get on this morning Hubby suggested that I stop and grab a new one. He was just afraid that I would smash the computer ( yep I'm one of those people when things don't work I cuss and bang them lol) It's nice to have a key board that doesn't stick .

The other thing I did ..... well I finally gave notice at work. It's time to go. I want to be home with Hubby and the kids. Being a mommy/wife is what I get the most joy out of. Only a month to go than I'm home again. Bear is so excited. Hubby just wants me to be happy ( even with all the craziness lol I'm much happier home)and the big kids well their teenagers so their cool with what ever lol .We'll be ok money wise.Soon we'll have the 2 units done and rented . Than they'll support themselves.

I did start my spring cleaning yesterday. ( and I'll have the day to myself tomorrow too) I finally got the new all in one printer hooked up and tackled our office area. Killed me some dust bunnies too. Oh and cob webs... have mercy there where tons of those too. I still have a bunch to do but it's coming along . So tomorrow I'll tackle the piles of eBay stuff and get it ready to list next week.

Ok you guys bored yet lol lol .I'm off to get Bear off the bus. Til next time. Have a great day.

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