Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goin on's

Lot's of stuff going on around here lately. We celebrated Buddy's 15 th birthday yesterday. Boy do I feel old. Bad enough we're teaching Sissy to drive :0 now Buddy hits the big 15 . So we all got together and eat tons of food and just hung out . An awesome time was had by all. We survived the crazy weather. We've had a good 15 inches dumped on us in the last week or so. Hubby really hates snow lol and freezing rain oh yeah and sleet he really hates sleet. He keeps muttering about getting a flamethrower lol .

I've been working on the metal cabinet and it's slow going . The stripper is causing me to have cough up a lung so..... Hubby asked me where the heat gun was. Hell if I know could be anywhere considering that we've been tearing stuff apart and re organizing .Stuff like this always happens to us you know what I mean ... we need a chalk gun but we can't find it (or if we do find it it's broken lol ) so we go get another one and well I'll be damned there are 10 of them sitting right there lol . So with all of that chaos in mind tomorrow I'm going to buy another one .The worst thing that could happen is we find the old one and it works. Than hopefully ( as I sit here with everything I can cross crossed I can get it done . Than the its a matter of to paint or just to seal it . Than I can get the bathroom and Bears room going YIPPEE SKIPPY. I can't wait to sink my teeth into redecorating. Speaking of redecorating when I was digging around for the heat gun I found a bunch of upper kitchen cabinets. I think we can use them for the wall unit I want in the bedroom . I'm so happy ( yes people have told me that I'm sick when I get excited about stuff like that lol lol lol ) I hoping to haul those out this week and start the madness. One thing I can say is Hubby isn't totally freaked out about all of these stuff I have planned.

Ok I'm off to get some housework (gag gag yuck lol ) done . Til next time .Have an awesome day

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