Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm so lonely lol

Not really lol Hubby is out with friends and the rug rats are in school so I am sitting here basking in the quiet lol . Don't get me wrong I love the whole lot of them but it's nice to have the house all to myself. And what am I doing with all of this alone time you ask ...... cleaning lol lol. Things have gotten a bit mess and with spring right around the corner ( please please oh pretty please) it's time to throw the spring cleaning in to high gear . The metal cabinet is stripped , sanded and ready for paint( yeah it needs to be painted) but alas it's still to cold to paint it . I'm putting that and Bear's closet on hold for a couple of weeks. I'm still going to re arrange Bears room this weekend. This way when I do get the painting done I can get to the closet. The cabinet/wall unit thingy that I was putting together for our room has hit a couple of snags I'm just not happy with it. The idea is good but I'm having a hard time getting what I want. So back to the drawing board. We need something to house a bunch of stuff , so some of the storage has to be closed. Maybe I'll build something and use the cabinet doors. I just don't know .

The dreaded FLU has hit the old homestead. I still feel like some one stuffed cotton candy up my nose but atleast the sore throat stopped. I've only got a little crafting done, painted one cross, pulled out the wood burning pen and used it on another one. They both need some more work but I'm happy with them. I started the blanket for my friend and thats about it lol.

So that's it for now I'm off to clean lol lol .Til next time. Have a great day

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