Thursday, February 21, 2008

The winter blah's

Yep Looks like I have a case of the blahs lol. I'm so over winter, I can't wait til spring . Looks like another storm is headed our way ugh !!!!!! Hopefully it's snow and not that weird mix of crap that we have been getting. Besides the weather things here are good , I really really want to get to redecorating the house. I have so many plans lol one of the main things is to get rid of some of the furniture. It needs to go, to much stuff in the rooms they feel... tight you know what I mean. So it looks like some re vamping of some pieces we have in storage is the way to go . As soon as I get my thoughts together ( so many ideas so little time ) I'll get some before and afters.

I did get that baby blanket done, have to take a pic. I'm working on some cross stitch now. I'm planning to make a ice blue and silver throw for my best buddy's bedroom and give it to her on mother's day. Than there are some wood crosses ( unpainted) I have that I want to do . Lately I have this thing for all things copper so I went and picked up some copper craft paint this week so maybe I'll get a chance this weekend. I found a bunch of old light fixtures ( I love old light fixtures lol it's a sickness) I wan to take one of them and remove the light kits ( the wiring is older than dirt lol ) paint it copper , hang some old chandler drops on it and toss some candles on it . Ummmm maybe I'll hang it in our room .

I plan to start my spring cleaning early this year so since I most likely won't be going to the office tomorrow I'm going to start with our room. I need to draw out the shelving /wall unit that I want to make for our room. I found a set of old shutters in the attic, we have a ton of scarp wood and if I look around some more I bet I'll find some cabinet doors. Now if I'm lucky maybe I can get the vision in my head out on paper.Than Hubby and I will get to building.

So That's it for now. Til next time. Have a crafty day lol .

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