Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh My......

It's a sad day here. Our male parakeet Sampson died last night. Totally surprised us. We have no clue on what happened he was fine than he was gone. Now Dalila is looking for him :( She seems OK and so far she is still sitting on the 2 eggs. We're a little worried that she'll abandon the eggs. Hubby rearranged the inside of the cage so she can feed herself. We're not sure how she'll handle feeding the babies ( if the eggs do hatch) but we're keeping our fingers crossed.We can't get another bird because she has the eggs and she would more than likely hurt another bird. We just going to have to wait and see and have faith.

On a happier note things here are going good. We've been busy but happy. I'm still feeling a bit out of sorts, but I'm coming out of it. Must be the weather or something. I have been cleaning ( yuck yuck gag lol) and sorting.There is something freeing about tossing and reorganizing. With each project that I finish I feel more grounded. Maybe I'm weird ( ok for those of you who actually know me we know I'm weird lol lol lol ) but I'm happy. I'm still working on it. I finally got to the bottom of grandma's hutch. It was in the other house for years .We don't have a dining room so when we needed more storage space we rearranged the living room and tossed it in here. We put pictures and other knick knacks on it than used the bottom for my stand mixer, roasting pans, the paper shredder and other stuff that we don't use every day in. The drawers are used for extra office supplies batteries, you get the idea. It was a mess now it is clean and organized, hopefully it will stay that way lol lol lol. Still more to do but I'm on it :)

I have been crafting yipee lol . I finished the shawl for my mom. I'm working on Bear's poncho. It needs some tweaking you guys know what I mean . I didn't have a clue what I was doing so none of the bottoms match. Ones to long, ones to short lol lol, the neck hole was way to big lol lol it's so funny. So out comes the yarn lol hopefully Bear won't look lopsided when I'm done. My friend Dee gave me a kit to make another Christmas tree skirt. I've been wanting to replace ours but couldn't find and thing I liked for a good price. She had the kit in a drawer , she knew she would never do it so it's mine mine all mine lol ( I'll drop a picture on flicker with the Christmas ornaments kits that I got on clearance) So I cut the old red felt one up into hearts to make Valentine's decorations. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with all of it lol but I'm sure something will come to me.
So that's it from the old homestead :) I'm off to get cracking lol. Til next time. Have a great day.

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Sarah and Jack said...

Oh no! Our parakeets were not very hardy and sadly lived very short lives.