Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Lookie what I got !!! My mother in law found these in her night stand drawer. They are from 1964-65. Only one has a cover but I love them . Now if only I could hook up my new all in one printer( I'm trying to use the ink in the old printer first ), I can scan them both into the computer. She also gave me 2 1960's Singer sewing library books, and a bag full of her old clutch pocket books , and 2 ceramic bowls that she got as wedding gifts in the 50's. All of it (well maybe not the 2 McCall mags lol lol) are going on eBay this week. Than a piece of Pyrex or 2 and some really old cookbooks. I also have 5 cases of stuff to sort and get ready to get listed too.

I did finish Bear's poncho . It looks ok for my first try lol lol . Now he wants a hood . I started the new rocking chair cushions and covers. Not perfect( and I'm so anal lol ) but they work . I do need to do some tweaking and the foot stool maybe later today.

My mil gave me a new lasagna pan for Christmas, (I've been using foil ones for years) so yep you guessed it lasagna for dinner tonight. I found bags of cheese ( you know the 4 cheese kind) on sale for $1.74 a bag so I grabbed 4 ( to per pan we love cheese) and tossed them in the freezer. I have some pre-made burgers that I can use , already have the pasta and sauce. So a pretty cheap meal with what I already have in the house . Today is bill paying day ( gag gag gag lol lol ) So I'm off to get that done.

Til next time. Have an awesome day.


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Boudicca said...

Awesome goodies! I love finding stuff like that :)