Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting it together

Sort of lol. Things here are getting back to whats considered normal for here. Sissy's back to school today now it's crunch time and she has to get all of her finals done. She's sweating it a bit but I'm sure things will work out.Bear went on his field trip yesterday. The big kids are out of school next week. Bear's last day is the 25th . We are all looking forward to summer break. I got my new washer and dryer on Tuesday. Yipeee I'm so happy yes I know I'm weird lol . The wash is all caught up and I can breath a bit easier. I'm still working on the rest of the house. I made room in the living room for another surprise..... a diner booth. C is doing a diner redo and asked Hubby if we wanted a booth . Now we have a place to eat and to play. I need to make some curtains to use as a skirt. I'll post pics soon. While I'm at it I'm going to make new curtains for Bear's room and to cover the open shelves we have in the living room.I was able to finish the blanket for J's daughter and I started a hat for Hubby. Ton's more to do so I guess I'd better get to it. Til next time have a great day.

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