Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yep lot's of that going on this week. We have been over run by zucchini. We did get some from our garden but our neighbor "C" is zucchini rich lol and he has been dropping them off at a record rate. Thankfully everyone love zucchini bread and muffins cause by the time I'm done both houses will be swimming them lol . Looks like I'll have some bread to freeze for xmas gifts.
We ( by we I mean Hubby and "C" ha ha ha) have been slowly butchering chickens. We have about 50 between the 2 houses and are planning to keep about 2 dozen hens and a couple of roosters. So I've been cookin me some chicken lol . 1 we had for dinner than made a pot of stock. The stock is headed for the freezer,and what meat is left will be chicken salad. I'm roasting the last one ( for now any way lol) now and I'll put some of the meat up for a couple of crock pot meals with the remaining meat and stock frozen for soup . There is some left over ham that I going to toss in the crock pot to make a casserole and half a pork roast to make pork fried rice. Looks like we'll have enough food made for a couple of meals .

I love to have stuff in the freezer . I will cook up 10 pounds of chop meat. Toss it in the freezer in meal size portions. I do the same with sausage. I keep chili, meat loaf, lasagna , all kinds of stock on hand . There are days when I just don't feel like cooking so I can just raid the freezer and whip some thing up in record time. I've been cleaning out the freezers. I need to make room . With all of the cooking, the chickens and hunting season looming we'll need the room .

So I'm gonna cook, cook and cook some more . Til next time. Have a great day.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh my goodness.. that's quite the amount of chicken to cook!! You are brave.. I don't know if I could butcher chickens... cook them sure.. butcher... not so sure.. lol lol.. I'm a wimp!!

Zucchini .. ugh.. mine got water logged.. I got beautiful plants.. and not a single zuch in site.. I was/am so bummed :(