Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Around the house

We serviced the furnace ( we meaning Hubby did the work and I handed him the tools lol ), repaired a broken boiler valve , caulked everything in sight, cleaned around the house. Fixed the pickup, started hauling the wood from the lower part of the yard and stacking it by the house. We cleaned out the coop and put in nesting boxes. Hubby and "C" got 3 Cornish game hen's and about 20 babies over the weekend ( yes we need more birds like we need a hole in our heads lol ) so we've had to get them used to being in the coops. And with all of that going on the house looks like a hoard of 6 year olds hopped up on sugar have run a muck ha ha ha ha . So when I get do here I'm off to get myself a shovel and try to get things cleaned up lol .

I cleaned and sorted out Bear's drawers. Now he's ready for school next week. The big kids have finished their school shopping and we sorted and cleaned out their rooms. Where did the summer go?????? I can't believe that school is right around the corner.On the flip side of that fall is coming YIPEE!!!! I love the fall . I 'm so ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get out all of my fall stuff. I was hoping to find some really great vintage Halloween stuff this year but it just wasn't out there. Well at least not here maybe I'll try my luck on eBay.

Sissy and I went to thrift sale this morning. Not as good as the ad said but Sissy was able to find some clothes . I found a pair of pj bottoms and a pair of pants, a small sewing box, and 26 glass xmas ornament's. The ornaments aren't vintage . I don't want to use the vintage ones my mil gave me until Bear is a little older. This way I can have the look of the glass with out the freaking out if they get broken.

I'm still cooking up a storm. The zucchini is still coming( I've been seeing it in my sleep lol) looks like more bread in my future . I did get 5 pounds of green beans frozen this weekend and will do more in the coming weeks.I didn't do my normal big shop last month . I wanted to get the kitchen organized . Now that it kinda is lol lol lol I've been working on the list for next month.

Well that's it for now.I'm off to shovel ..... I mean clean ; ) Til next time . Take care.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like you have been busy! (I hate cleaning the coop, lol). I would love to let them roam free, but we both work so I wouldnt want them out all day alone, ya know?