Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Let's see , Bear has acid reflux. After the smashing of the head thing he said he was having trouble swallowing. So we took him for a dye test and there it was. His Dr. put him on a liquid version of Zantac we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will straighten this out.

I finished Bear's school shopping . We did really good this year money wise . I only spent about $50.00 . Between yard sales and what I've picked up on sale we only had to buy2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans , a back pack,and a hand full of supplies. He's super excited about going back. The big kids .... not so much lol lol . Sissy and Buddy are going this weekend to get their shopping done. Thankfully both of them know how to find a deal. Cheap like their mama lol I've trained them well : ) .

Besides that things are moving along. The chickens are good. Hopefully we'll get some eggs soon. The garden not so good. We have been getting some stuff but other things seem to be growing slow. We'll see what happens . Maybe next year we'll change the spot . Could be the weird weather we've been having . Yesterday we had a wild storm . I took pics I'll post them later.

I finished Sissy's scarf and started Buddy's blanket. Sorted out the yarn stock pile and found some chenille yard at the bottom of the pile. I'm going to use it for a scarf for Our dear aunt. I have to see what else I have down there. I have one more baby blanket to make. Looks like a run on baby girls this year lol lol lol .

Well that's it for now . I'm off to work on the house and Buddy's blanket. Til next time . Have a great day.

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Terri said...

Dear Kim,
We're up here near Buffalo and the squash, melons and eggplants are just so late this year. The Tomatoes are starting to come though and the peppers, onions and cucumbers.
Good luck with the log cabin this winter! I cannot wait to get started decorating the inside of mine. I've waited a long time to have my own doll house and I am so going to enjoy playing with it! LOL