Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still here.

Just can't seem to get on here as much as I want to. Do you like the new background lol ?? Bear picked it out ... oh and the jack o lantern pic too. He said it's halloweeney lol lol .

Only around here do we incubate chicken eggs in the iguana tank :0. Yep Hubby figured we'd try and see what happens. Mean while.... we've had a ton of flies in the house ( this is the worst we've ever had) and they seem to want to hang out in the iguana tank. So I figure I'll use the vacuum and suck them out ... right. WRONG!!!! What do you think happened?????? Can you guess???? I sucked one of the eggs into the vacuum. And all I could think was oh shit. Needless to say what a mess lol lol . I felt like a dope lol lol . So after I cleaned the whole vacuum out ( egg egg every where) I tried again this time taking out the eggs and the iguana ha ha.

The last week was filled with the same old stuff. Housework , laundry, cooking and cleaning. The fall cleaning is almost done. I just have to swap out the last of the living room curtains . Than I'll wash down the kitchen cabinets . We're still working on getting the last of the wood done, but alas the chain saw broke . Hubby is going to try to find one this week than hopefully we'll get it done before the end of the month .

Hubby has been hunting for the last 2 days so I've been hanging out here getting a ton of stuff done. Bear's birthday is this Saturday so we've been busy planning. I'm gonna make lasagna . I always make the all of the kids birthday cakes but this year Sissy and Buddy want to buy Bear's cake( They are so good to him) . So we've decided on a red and orange theme. I'll pick up the balloons and streamers tomorrow.

I did some fall decorating and realized I don't have much in the way of Halloween or thanksgiving stuff. I do have a huge closet full of Xmas stuff but nothing for the fall. So I'm going to go out the day after Halloween and see what I can grab on clearance. Than I'll check for thanksgiving stuff when we go out on Black Friday. I really loved the pumpkins I saw on Wendy's blog so maybe I'll find the stuff on sale than I'll give it a try. I did find some really cool foam snow flakes at the $ store. I'm gonna gussy them up and hang them in the living room. Still working on Buddy's blanket. I want to get the stocking kits started . I'm also thinking of making some more scarves. We'll see how things go.

Today I have to prep the lasagna than I can just toss it into the pans and cook on Saturday. I have some laundry to do. Change the sheets. We're having split pea soup for dinner so that's bubbling away on the stove. The weather here has been cold so we've been lighting the wood stove. Today they are calling for rain so I have a nice fire burning.

So that's it. I'm gonna make a cup of tea and watch a scary movie :) . Til next time have a great day.

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