Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hey y'all. Hope all of you mom's out there had a great mother's day. I did!!! Bear made me this awesome pen  out of polymer clay.

stuff 5-13-08 005

The big kids gave me cards and Hubby worked on the chicken condo ( we passed coup some time last week lol lol it's huge lol lol ).And what did I do you ask ..... I rearranged the living room rotf.  I really wanted to get it done so I did it . It came out really nice except.... well see remember that table I was working on it's all done but one problem it's to big. Now it my last brain cell was working I would have remembered that we had this onestuff 5-13-08 006

in storage and I could have saved my self the trouble lol lol              ( ignore the mess )  Bear was so happy to have a " regular table" to eat at . It's the little things that make him happy  lol .

We did get a yard sale in this weekend. Bear got some new books , he's really into science now so when he found books on underwater animals he had to have them . He also got a hungry hungry hippo game. LOL LOL I forgot how noisy that game is. I found a tablecloth. It's huge. I'll have to fold it in half to put it on the table. (I have to take pic's of my small tablecloth collection and put them on flicker) Speaking of tablecloths   Sarah is having a vintage tablecloth giveaway for her birthday, you should check it out.

I did take yesterday off and relaxed ...well as much as I can relax any way than got back into the swing of things today.

And with that I'll leave you with pictures of our 3 baby birds

stuff 5-13-08 002 The baby canary's looks like we have a boy and a girl( maybe lol )

and last but not least

stuff 5-08 001

the baby parakeet don't know what it is yet.

Til later than .

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