Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard sale haul

Here's the pic's from this weekends yard sales,

A bunch of baby blankets.ys stuff 5-24-08 001

The receiving blankets are flannel and stained so I figured that I can cut them up for quilts. The bunny blanket is all fuzzy lol and is a gift for a friend.

A super cool vintage metal picnic basket / box,

ys stuff 5-24-08 007

Perfect to hold all sorts of things. I'm going to put our growing pile of cloth napkins in it.

Speaking of napkins ,

ys stuff 5-24-08 006

Picked up 8 more , better than buying paper. I found a huge tablecloth that matches I figured I could fold it in half and use it. When I got home I saw there was a huge hole in the center, see what happens when I have Bear with me and don't take a good look. I've tried to fix it but had no luck and as much as it kills me I'll have to cut it and re hem it. Thankfully it's not super old .

A new to me Christmas tree skirt,

ys stuff 5-24-08 004

I love it and it was only a quarter.

Sissy lucked out again

ys stuff 5-24-08 008

This whole bag of clothes ( forgot to take a pic before I put it in the bag) $ 2.00

Some glass jars,

ys stuff 5-24-08 009

We've been grabbing them when we can to use for beans, rice, and stuff.

Another baby blanket and a patch work pillow.

ys stuff 5-24-08 005

So that's the haul. Not as good as I do locally but I'm happy .

So that's it for now , off to clean. Til next time. Have a great day.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

HA!! I just blogged my yardsale finds!! lol lol... I LOVE Yours.. what a great idea for the baby blankets!!!!! I wanted to hit so many this weekend.. but we had baseball games and garden to put in.. I hit mine at the last minute!! ( in the journey to buying plants.. LOL LOL)