Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The other house

About 5 years ago Hubby and I decided to renovate the bottom half of the other house for ourselves. We set it up so we had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. And a space for me to craft. About half way in to it Hubby got called back to active duty. So we had to close up the house . By the time he got home it was winter again and we just left it. Well now as you guys might already know we are opening the house back up and getting the other 2 apartments ready for tenants. But we're not going to move in. We'll stay put here until we sell( hopefully soon God willing) We have a ton of building supplies to store and have gotten used to not having people live next to and above us. But I do get my crafting space YIPEEE . I've been working at cleaning out 3 of the rooms, 1 is a pretty large kitchen , a 3/4 bath , and what would have been Sissy's room. What a ton of crap we have lol . Because we have the rentals we have all sorts of building, plumbing, electrical, and paint supplies. Add to that all of the other stuff we've collected over the years . Holy shit lol lol lol . Alot of the stuff we originally planned to use in the new place has been moved up here . We had a brand new Hamilton Beach counter top oven with convection that also is a rotisserie. Works great it and uses so much less electric than our oven that we're now thinking about replacing the old stove/ oven and putting in a cook top than we'll be able to put in more storage. What we can use or don't want we have been either putting on eBay or giving it away. And on it goes hopefully I'll have it cleaned out by the weekend and than give it a good cleaning. Than the hard stuff begins :) I have to start moving all of my craft stuff in . That might be harder than moving the crap out . It will take some time to get it all organized but it will be soooo worth it . We'll have so much more room in the house with all of my stuff out and it will be nice to start a project or 2 and be able to leave them out . Maybe I can even start painting again after I dust off the easels.

Well I'm off of here gonna go do more work in my new space ( hehehe I'm all giddy) .Til next time. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

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Terri said...

You know, it would be nice to have a kitchen in your workspace! You could do so much more if it did!!Hmmm....I might not ever leave a cool work shop like that!
Congratulations on getting a "place of your own".
God bless.