Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the crafty side of things

Shawl for Mom

When I sent my Mom her mothers day gifts, I stayed on track with my goal of making or trifting gifts. I had 2 books that I finished that I knew she would like and I made her a shawl
but I didn't want to buy wrapping paper. Hubby bought a hunting bow off of eBay it was wrapped in sheets of brown paper, so I grabbed it and put it away (Hubby gave me that your crazy woman look lol ) Light bulb moment... I can use the brown paper. I have some stamps ( I'm not really into stamping but they where in the one of the craft lots I bought on eBay) So I used the stamps than colored the images with colored pencils ( a gift from a friend) . Presto chango wrapping paper.

Bear's coat rack

Hubby helped me fix Bear's hockey stick coat rack today. He told me that the way I did it wouldn't work and .... oh this hurts ..... he was right. So he re-did it so it won't fall off the wall. I was able to get 5 hooks per stick so it hold all of his hats ( for some reason Bear and Buddy have huge hat collections lol lol they are almost as bad as Sissy with her shoes lol lol ). Now I have to work on Bears bulletin board. I made each of the big kids a customized bulletin board for Christmas but Bear couldn't make up his mind what he wanted. He finally decided today on color ( honey brown) and the design ( dinosaurs).

Blanket for BFF

Made this blanket for my Best girl friend as a mother's day gift. She just did her bedroom over in icy blue and white .

We have a friend who's mom crochets alot and has a room full of yarn. She's been going though it and sent him over with a bag for me . So I started a throw for the back of the couch. The timing was great because I just bought a slip cover for the couch ( sage green denim) and the yarn is Homespun (Lion brand) Fiesta . I like the multi color yarn lol this way if I get it in my head to change colors in the living room I don't have to make a new throw.

Well that's it for now.Til next time. Have a crafty day.

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