Monday, May 26, 2008

What a pain in the butt

Well I ended up with another massive sinus/ear infection that knocked me on my ass. What a pain . Ok I'm really stubborn , like super thick headed so when I started to feel sick I blow it off. HA it decided to blow back . My head hurt, my ears felt like they where bleeding, my eyes felt like they where going to melt of my head. Every time I moved so did every thing else lol. I couldn't even take any more antibiotics because I just finished a batch. Which is ok I really didn't what to take more . I did all natural (kinda I did use ear drops) We ran the humidifier 24/7 . I drank enough chamomile tea to make my teeth float. Thank God Hubby took over . I tried to do the normal house stuff (see thickheaded lol ) and he would give me that evil look of his that means sit your butt down woman lol or else.He was able to keep up with things while I sat on the couch ( yuck yuck ugh) I'm feeling better not 100% but better.

So back to the grind today. I did get most of my craft stuff into the other house.Have to move some stuff around see what stuff I want to keep in there , what needs to move out , and what I need to look around for. It all needs to be organized but that will wait til I'm done cleaning.

We did get some yard sales in this weekend ( a bit of a mistake cause I felt like crap when we got home) I'll post pic's tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Til next time . Have a great day

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