Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer time fun !?!?

Well the school year is coming to a end and I wondering what we're going to do this year to keep Bear busy . This is the first summer that I'll be home in 4 years. So I'm hoping that with some looking I can find thrifty stuff for us to do. I need to find things that Bear will do. Stuff that falls in with what he's into at the time . With the price of gas being what it is some of the stuff we had planned is not going to happen. So I've signed up for some craft news letters. I'll toss the links on one of my side bars. I've found a great site for just about anything a mom can want. Thirftyfun is an awesome site.They have everything from recipes to crafts and everything in between. So I'll be looking around on triftyfun alot in coming weeks. What do you guys like to do ? Any cheap and easy ideas any one would like to pass on? What do your kids like to do?

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