Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random stuff

Have a bunch of stuff going on. Our garden is almost done .We have some more plants to put in ( I got them today ) and guess what we here on the weather..... we have a frost warning for tonight . I'm sooooo confused .What month is it ???? I swear it was May . It's all good we'll just cover the plants and keep our fingers crossed.

The chickens are doing great , getting bigger by the day . They still think I'm Mama Hen lol lol . I have to watch where I go in the yard cause they run around behind me . Now they will come up just to watch me hang the laundry on the line lol go figure. The coop is finished and.... lol the chickens decided that they don't want to go inside they want to sleep under it lol so now we have a storage shed with 52 chickens sleeping under it .

The other birds are doing good . We waited to long to take Lucky out of the cage and now Lady has laid 4 more eggs :0 . So today I'm going to move Duke and Dalila another cage. Than I'll move the little canary's to the other side of the flight cage with the little parakeet. Than when the time comes we'll move Lucky into another cage we have so there will be no more babies this year anyway.

Later today when Buddy comes home we're going to go do some work in my craft room. Hubby has moved alot of the big stuff around ( and around again lol ) but there is still more to do . I want to wash the floor and put down a rug I found in storage. The rug is in rough shape but it works for that space. Than I have to work on sorting and putting stuff away.

I've been looking on eBay for long peasant skirts. Now I'm not a skirt person .I'm happy in sweats and one of Hubby's tee shirts but the is a method to my madness ( when I told everyone want I was looking for jaws dropped and my smart ass kids where running around looking for the pod with their real mom in it lol lol ) I don't like to wear shorts . I'll wear them when I'm home but if I have to go off the property for anything I toss on sweats .It's getting hot. I don't want to be all sweaty so peasant skirts. Now try finding large all cotton long skirts on eBay . I want used this way I don't worry about messing them up. I want cotton this way I can just toss them in the wash and on the line. I don't want to hand wash any thing lol . I did find a few so we'll see what happens.

When I'm done on here I have a ton of house work to do . Hubby is busy working away in the other house. So I can get a ton of stuff done. I always seem to get more stuff done when the house is empty.

On that note I'm off . Til next time, have a great day

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