Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard sales yipee

Well it's a bright sunny day here at the old homestead. A definite improvement from the last couple of days of rain. We did get to hit a  yard sale  and stopped at a local church thrift store yesterday.

stuff 5-18-08 004 

Picked up this Vincelli Tote for a $1 (our new library bag) Don't know who Vincelli is but Sissy was all excited so I guess it was a could buy lol lol .

stuff 5-18-08 005 

Found this sweet bunny fabric at the thrift store for 10 cents. It's a smallish piece but  I want  to make a couple of baby quilts ( 2 friends having baby's this fall) so I'll cut it into blocks . Do I know how to make a quilt ?????? Nope but I guess I'll figure it out lol lol .


Sissy found 3 Express shirts and 3 old navy shirts for $2.50 and she was really happy.Don't have a picture because I'm washing them. Hell I have to remember to take pictures of all of our finds lol lol . Yard sale season officially opens next weekend . So we'll be heading a couple of towns up for their annual town wide yard sale. It's always a great event 4 or 5 of the surrounding towns join in .We even get maps lol lol .

Well that's it for now Bear and I are off the the library. Til next time. Have a great day

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