Thursday, May 8, 2008

The insanity continues and other ramblings

So 52 chickens at last count. 7 eggs incubating in a cooler in the living room. Baby parakeet is out of the box ( have to watch because Delilah goes after it  Hubby things it's because she doesn't recognize it outside of the box lol ) for how long who knows. 2 baby canary's that look like their ready to pop out of the basket any time now. Both sets of bird have been doing the birdie mating dance again.

* I did get the monthly shopping done and had a heart attach when I saw the price of food . The prices go up here around this time of year ( because of the summer ) anyway but to get hit this early really freaked me out. I'm working hard to expand our food stock pile cause it looks like things aren't going to get any better. We do have 2 full freezers. But I want to work on dry goods. So to do that ( ugh hate shopping ) I have started making more room in the house to store the extras . Not easy when your house is only 400 sq feet. Small is not  a bad thing you just have to be really creative on how you do things. So I just cleaned off the hutch and ....well I have to get rid of alot of stuff :). So let the sorting begin.  I really don't need more than 4 Pyrex bowls ( well.... ok ok I have to be strong lol ) so one large yellow bowl headed for eBay. I have a pink sugar bowl and creamer  ( I think they're anchor hocking) off to eBay. 1 pink daisy Pyrex divided  dish with lib ....eBay.  Any the list goes on and on. Sissy will be on picture duty after school.I have to get this stuff listed.

On the project front Hubby is working hard expanding the chicken coop. Poor man just when he things he's done . ** I have decided to re arrange our living room( much to poor Hubby's dismay). See we don't a dining table( Hubby built a breakfast bar between the kitchen and living room so we just never put a table in ) I want a table to  craft,  do puzzles, for Bear to do project etc . Oh and eating lol.  ***  So I went hunting in storage and found a wooden table ( with the leaves that pull out the sides) . I have  been working on it as much as I can to get it ready  ( pics to come) So long story short I want to move things around to toss it in . LOL LOL I'll let you know how it works out . Plus the 3 or so dozen other things going on . See insanity lol lol .

Ok Ok before I bore you to tears with all this rambling( my mind is in over drive) I'm off lol lol . Til next time. Have a great day.

* Rambling

**More rambling

*** Even more  yep you guessed it rambling

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