Saturday, September 27, 2008


Damn I did it again. Took another break..... didn't want too . Might be a good thing. I've been pissy lately. I've been trying to shake this cold. All of the crap with the economy has me a little freaked out. It is what it is. I know this but lol I'm still worried. I know we are lucky to have the things we have . We're blessed to have a good stock pile of food. But what about people who aren't as lucky as us???

Ok enough of that . How have you been????? Me you ask??? Busy lol lol .


I've been drying fruit all week. 10 pound of papaya and another 15 pound of apples and pears. I'm going to pick up more soon . We're still getting some tomatoes. Looks like I'll be making more salsa soon. We do have some pumpkins in the garden. So as soon as they ripen up I'll freeze them.
For dinner tonight I'm going to try another recipe in the crock pot... bean soup .

Around the house.
I've been working on the shopping list. I re worked our budget yet again. My goal is to lower our food budget. I have gotten some Xmas shopping done , mostly for Bear. The big kids are working on a list of what they want. Kids are busy with school , sports and work. I'm making head way on the fall cleaning. I just love when the clutter leaves and things are really clean. The next things to do are hang the winter curtains, drag out the heavy blankets and all of the winter clothes.

I made a new fall center piece. Still working on buddy's blanket . I've been cranking out dish clothes. I have a bunch of stuff to paint. I'm thinking about glittering some of the glass ornaments I picked up . So of them have really worn. I really need to get pics on here.

So thats it for now . Til next time have a great day.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

I have been super cranky for about three weeks now.. and don't understand it... and as I type.. it's 1:44am and I'm STILL cranky... UGH!! LOL LOL..
Thought I would peek at your blog to cheer me up!! and I'm loving the background!!