Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh snap!!!!! ( might be a bit gross lol )

Bear woke up this morning and said his tummy was bothering him. Into the bathroom he goes, comes out and announces ( very a matter of factly lol) he has the runs. Than he said those 5 dreaded words " I think I'm gonna puke". Rush him into the bathroom, and in the words of Bear, no pukeage. OK get him settled on the couch, give him some Pepto, fluff the pillows, cover him up and get the bowl. Than he says "I think I'll take a nap". Uh? what? who is this kid? Bear hasn't napped since he was 2. Now Hubby and I are still in the pre coffee brain fog lol lol lol. I turn to him and say " who is this kid ? have you seen a pod ? " :). OK more coffee... that's better.. the fog is lifting. He seems OK for now, a bit pale, a little warm, I guess we'll see how the day goes.

Lets see what's on the list for today???? Clean the bathroom( yippee skippy hahaha) make a pan of granola , maybe some cookies, work on Buddy's blanket, make more dish clothes, and try to relax ( hahahahahahaha). Thank God we have dinner in the crock pot.

And with that I'm off to cuddle with Bear . Til next time have a great day

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