Monday, September 15, 2008

So much for the rainy weekend lol lol . We did get some rain but not what the weather man said. I did get the salsa and monkey munch ( that monkey munch is addictive lol lol can't just eat one ) done on Saturday. Yesterday was so hot that the thought of baking made me sweat more . It didn't help that "C" got it in his head that yesterday was the day to" take care" of the pigs. Oh the insanity of it all. So needless to say we where up late last night packing the pigs. Thank god our buddy "M" was around he took a bunch of the venison and chicken , helping us make room in the freezer. I have to re organize the side by side today because god only knows what he'll take care of next lol lol . Thankfully someone is giving us another small freezer and we'll have more room . The only problem is where to put it. I guess we'll figure it out when the time comes lol .

I did get some cleaning done. Not as much as I wanted but it's OK lol I'll get to it sooner or later. We picked up a couple of cleaning jobs on our road. Most of the places here are summer places ( just "C", "M" , and our clan live here all year) so when a couple of the owners asked if we would clean and close up their units we figured why not . All of them are cleaned and ready for winter. I figured that because it's so windy today I would finish up washing the bedding . Than all that's left is to bag it .

I have been crafting a little. I finished the scarf for Auntie E, still working on Buddy's blanket and was able to whip up a fall wreath . I still have a ton to do but at least I'm getting something done.
Today Buddy gets his braces off (Sissy's came off last month) Sissy has a cold and is home today , Bear is feeling a bit stuffy but wanted to go to school. I'm going to work on my fall cleaning.

So I'm off . Til next time , have a great day.

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