Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been working like a mad woman on a ton of projects and looks like there is no end in sight lol. Here's some pictures of what I'm working on .

I made 2 of these hat and scarf sets (exactly the same) for 2 special little girl for christmas.

Here are the squares that I made (instead of the grannie squares) for our bed. Now I just have to put the black trim around them than stitch together.

I made this over sized lap blanket for a christmas gift but Bear might get it lol lol. Not sure yet.

Mean while M's mom is cleaning out her storage room so along with the huge pile of yarn she gave me , she also gave me 2 trash bags with her old finished projects. Most of them just need to be tied off and they are ready to go. The rest are sorted and ready for me to work on . Most are baby items that I'm give to friends with well babies lol. Some are hats , scarfs, blankets. She made some really cool bathing suit wraps and bikinis ( anyone want a bikini and wrap??? seriously just let me know). Right now I'm working on a blanket for Sissy. When I started sorting the yarn ( still not done lol ) she found some she really liked and asked me to make her a blankie lol to take to collage with her. She didn't care how I did it so after some trail and error, I came up with " pattern" that she liked. I did start a rag rug but.... the damned thing kept twisting up sewing it together was a nightmare so M's mom gave me a huge crochet hook and a pattern to crochet one. Hopefully I'll get to that before the summer ends. And the list goes on and on. Pictures to come as I finish things. Have you been crafty lately????

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Caroline said...

Always love to see what people are working on. Thats great your getting ready for christmas now I have just started the last couple of weeks too..