Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yard sale haul!!!!

Finally some time to get the pics on here lol lol

Clear oval Pyrex bowl

Hubby wanted a old fashion percolator coffee pot, and of course more glass jars
I needed a pot for canning, I had 1 that was to big and 1 that was too small

A girl can never have too many crock pots,

or crock pot cook books :)

2 more vintage table clothes

A new to me quilt king size yippee I'm really in love with purple now lol

Of course I also picked up books for Hubby and I . Bear got a ton of dinosaurs, boxing gloves, books, a viking hat, and more stuff that I just can't remember it all. It was great day. One of my favorite sales is coming up on July 11th. Hopefully our Church will be around that time too. Til next time , have a great day.

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