Monday, July 20, 2009


.... a little bit of down time. Things here are moving along at a super fast pace. Brother in law 2 came up with the kids and stayed with us the weekend of Sissy's graduation party . Her party was a blast. Of course I have to pick that weekend to put up 15 pounds of green beans, 12 pints of blue berries and than dry 10 pounds of peaches lol. I met with Vicky and talked about home schooling Bear. I'm going to head over to her place this week and get that ball rolling.

We've been doing some shopping for sale items. Sissy has been picking up stuff she needs for collage. We have been on the look out for stuff we can use for Bear and scored some great stuff. Oh and yard sales finally yipee lol. One of my favorites opened last weekend and we really lucked out. I've been looking for drinking glasses well I found a set of 12 great big heavy glasses for 6 bucks. We really needed steak knives so I started digging in boxes and I see a bunch of silver plated silverware. Sissy laughed and said my eyes got huge lol. So I grabbed all of it I could find along with 12 knifes and 2 sets of tongs. Than as we're getting ready to pay I see a really nice skirt . Sissy grabbed it and went to look for a shirt needless to say we ended up with a ton of clothes lol. Oh and I found 4 small Pyrex bowls, maybe refrigerator dishes, I'm not sure I'll post pictures and maybe some one will know what they are.Of course I grabbed books and the like. I have been trying to keep the buying down to a minimum. This weekend we went back , didn't get much some books, more clothes and a walking with dinosaurs computer game for Bear. Than we headed over to a Church to take a look at their thrift store. We picked up more clothes ( both Sissy and I are covered for clothes for a good long time) and sheets. I'm hoping the our Church will do their sale before Sissy leaves for collage, this way we can finish up the shopping for her new place.
Loads more going on but I'll save that for another post or this one will go on for ever: ). So til next time have a great day!

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