Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's happening here

A ton of stuff as usual lol . We culled 10 chickens , have 10 more to go. We have 2 more roosters to do. C found some old shelving on a job sight and brought them home for us . Hubby has been busy installing them in the coup for the little chickens. All that is left is to cut a small door for them to use this way they can get in without having to deal with the big ones. Winter is on the way and we have the last of the prepping to do. Wood needs to be moved up closer to the house, our medicine cabinet has to cleaned sorted and re- filled. Still need to get gas for the generator , the " power out box " need to be sorted. The list goes on and on . I have been crafting too lol thus the lack of posting on my part. I finished the blanket Sissy wanted for Christmas. I 'm almost done with the last ( I hope) hat and scarf set. I just have to finish the blanket for Mr. C , and I have 2 baby blankets to make for a friend of ours that is having twins :0 . Than the sewing begins. I'm going to make new curtains for both bedrooms, than lol I'm going to start on the stuffie animals for some of the little kids. Oh and I have a couple of more projects that hopefully I'll be able to pull off by Christmas.

On the homeschooling front..... things are going good. I joined the local homeschooling group which has been great. We're working hard on finding out what works for Bear. Mostly trail and error but everyone tells me that this is normal and it takes time. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water and so does he but we're rolling with it.

So that's it for now I'm off to move some stuff around in the living room . More to come . Til next time be safe and have a great day


Mount Belly Mama said...

I love hearing about what you're doing! What breed chickens are you culling? We tried Buff Orpingtons this year.

Terri said...

I think the problem with some new homeschoolers is that if it feels like if it's fun and interesting it can't be "real" learning! LOL
I know that's how I felt, back in the day. But I am sure you both will do great!

I envy you this time with your child. Enjoy it all!

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Kim! I love your blog and your post on the new chick(ens)!! You are one busy (and crafty) mama!! Your sewing and knitting projects just make me want to get to work! :) Thank you so much for visiting my blogs today! I really appreciate it.

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