Saturday, November 7, 2009


We've been rolling along here. Still have some more outside stuff to do. Than hopefully we'll be good until spring..... well besides shoveling snow lol. We still have to get to the last 10 Cornish rocks but we're thinking about only doing a couple at a time . It gets to be to much when we do a bunch at once.

In the kitchen
I've been drying a ton of fruit. Mostly apples and pears but I have found some mango's and bananas on sale so in they went. Been using the bread machine but the bread seems to get moldy faster than the other bread. I have to come up with something to keep that from happening. I'm starting to prep for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure who's going to be here besides Hubby , Bear and me, but I'm going to be ready lol. We're going to have cheese and crackers, veggies and drip, chips, pumpkin and apple pie. As far as the kind of bird.....well lol it could be go old turkey, a 10 pound Cornish rock or duck. I guess it depends on what hits the freezer last lol.

I'm still working away . I have a good start on Mr. C 's blanket I'm just hoping that I have enough yarn . All of the yarn I've used has been from the tons of free yarn that M's mom gave me. ( and I still have a ton lol ) I think I have some more of that type of yard in storage I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. Dear MIL asked me to make some dollies for her to give to my sister in law for Christmas. HAHAHAHA I've never made dollies so after some trial and error I think I have some thing they'll both like. I did get Bear's curtains done, just have to get our done. The softies are coming along, they're not perfect, but they look OK. I have to finish closing them up , tossed them in the washer and dryer, than add the faces. I really want to make gift bags out of the fabric I got after Christmas last year. I'm hoping to find the time.... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

We've had to move Bear from 3rd grade work to 4th grade. Now he seems to be more challenged. I guess we'll just keep shifting stuff around until he hits his groove. We're starting lap books next week. The first set will be on the 50 states. I feel that the lap books cover alot of subjects all at once. And gives him the creative side of things too. We still need to find something he likes for science.

You all know that I've been cranking out gifts for months but there are still some things I need to buy . Now we're only buying for the kids and a couple of things each for Hubby and I. Well Hubby is done hahahaha, I'm picking up books and small stuff for me ( it is much easier on all of us if I just pick up my books other wise the kids and poor Hubby stand in the book store looking lost lol) So it's started. I picked up alot of stuff on sale or clearance. Bear and I where out shopping and he wanted to show me what Bakugan he wanted.... OK so we look. They where on sale $5.00 a set instead of $ 12.00 so ...... well I grabbed them. I know , I know that its terrible but it was one of those things ...... do I grab the ones he wants now ... with him here or do I wait. I figured if I waited they would all be gone and I was right. What was funny was that he got it lol "Mom at this price we can get 2 for one" Thankfully Santa can pick up the slack . Bear has been out growing he's clothes at a super fast rate. So again I took him with me and he picked out what he wanted good thing too because I was going to buy 8's and go figure he wears a 10 lol. But he didn't see the cool shirts I got him for a $1.00 each :). Bear even picked out a set of books he wanted. Books ....Books.... you want books for Christmas.... sure Honey grab what you want lol. So yes he knows about a couple of things he's getting but at least I know he'll like them.
So as it stands now , I have to do some more shopping but I'm thinking about doing it when I have the tires done on the van . Just me !!!!!!

OK enough about how cheap I am . I swear there must be a support group for the cheapskates lol. I've written a book and you guys must be bored lol. I'm off for now .Til next time have a great day and stay safe.

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Caroline said...

Well no I wasn't bored thought it was a great post & I think it's fantastic you were able to get so much on sale. Good on you!! By the way I share your sentiments on books.