Monday, November 30, 2009

Wow ..........

It's been a while since I had time to get on here !!!!!! Thanksgiving was awesome .... Sissy surprised us and came home on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. We spent Thanksgiving eating and eating and well... eating lol. In between all of the eating we watched movies : ) Friday morning Sissy and I rolled out of bed at 3:30 and hit the Black Friday sales at Walmart. Not as good as years past but we did get what we wanted ........kinda. See we had to wait on line of an hour for a gift for Bear ( I'll post pics after Christmas) and missed a few things we wanted like the $ 7.00 video games and the $ 2.00 towels ( Buddy wants he's own towels lol). We did manage to get some games and I grabbed the $4.00 towels( which are much nicer). We really cleaned up with the 2 piece fleece pj sets even if I had to dig to get certain sizes. Grabbed a couple of things that certain kids wanted and a few that I thought they would like and we were home by 6:30. All in all not bad considering that except for a couple of small things for Buddy and the candy for the stocking I'M DONE SHOPPING !!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to wrap lol. ( Ha caught a little boy trying to read this lol .... he even tried to look Innocent hahahahaha.)
So did you guy's go out black friday????? Get anything good ?????
OH guess what ???? I won some really great stuff from Amy's stocking stuffers I'll post when I get it . Ok I'm off to let out the chickens. Til next time have a great day


Heather said...

I love the new look of the blog- so fun!

I'm also done shopping from Black Friday. Saturday, I found myself stopping in an out of the way Rite Aid for my mom, and caught myself putting another gift in the cart. Luckily, I caught it before buying it, and put it back. It was $20 I did NOT need to spend!

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