Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back in the saddle

I'm back !!!!!!! I still have a bit of a cold ( sucker will not give up the ghost lol ) but I'm almost back to my abnormal self ; ) . Everyone else is better . Thanks for all of the well wishes. So things here are moving along. When I was stuck on the couch I made Sissy a shawl. Than a girlfriend had some yarn she was never going to use so she gave it to me. I made her 1 year old a small pocket book. But in my sickness induced fog I forgot to take pics lol. The house is looking better thank god . Spring cleaning will start soon. Much to the family's horror. The big kids are moving again ( don't ask ) so we'll be sorting their stuff ( again horror).The weather here has been strange to say the least. One day it's warm the next it's cold. Last night it was a whole 12 degrees. I can't wait until it makes up it's mind and spring finally gets here. Tomorrow the kids have a day off so we're going to work in the Bear's room. "M" gave Bear his old computer desk. We're going to move it into his room tomorrow and put the desk in there now in storage until the big kids get settled, than it will go to Buddy.Bera is looking forward to the new desk but not the cleaning that he knows will be done lol.Sissy passed her driving test ( God help us all lol ) and Buddy got his permit. Now I can be driven around lol lol lol .
So that's it for now. The kids are off to school and it's time to get some stuff done, hopefully :). More to come . Til next time have a great day.

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