Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicken madness

The chickens .... well last summer C found a bunch of chickens where he was working. Of course we took them lol . From what we can tell they are some small breed of bantams. Now all of this time we've let them have free run in the yard . Until last week. I was heading out to pickup Sissy when I get to the end of the drive way and what do I see??????? 1 of the roosters with all 4 of the little hens crossing the main road :0. We get home and tell Hubby. So Hubby decides it's time to coup them. As he's adding their coup to the side of the main coup we got to listen to the car horns has they ran back and forth cross the road. OK coups done . Hubby waits until they all head in to roost and grab them ( these chickens can fly like peasants lol )and get them in their new home. So all's well right????? WRONG lol. The next morning I head down to free the chickens and the little buggers worked open the wire and escaped. Ok I tried to grab them ha ha ha than went to get Hubby. I stayed in the house to get Bear ready for school. Watching from the window I see Hubby get them from across the road back into the yard than the fun begins. Chasing them here and there .....cursing ...finally he comes up and let's Miss B out . Still watching Miss B rounds one up and drives it to the gate Hubby grabs it , than I see 3 heading up here so I toss on my crocs and head out to push them back down the hill. Just for the record crocs are not the best thing to wear when you are chasing chickens . So on it goes we chase them around the pond, around the enclosure, across the creek, repeat. A half hour later I think we have them all , Hubby yells 1 left... uh... OK where is the little bugger?????? Why she's under the coup. Okay we can't get in there and of course she's out of reach what to do???????? Send in the dog. I go around back. She gets in and gets behind her and..... she flies past Hubby. ( Insert cursing here) I take off running along the creek to cut her off she sees me and freezes , Hubby grabs her and puts her in . I head back up to the house to a laughing Bear who tells me " To bad I didn't grab the camrea I cound have used the pictures for blackmail" lol lol lol. It's he cute.Meanwhile we're looking to buy a couple of more chickens. Yes the madness never ends lol.
So that's it for now. Til next time have a great day.


Wendy said...

Ah, they are a pleasure, arent they? We've let ours out a couple times but havent had TOO much trouble rounding them back up. But I have many memories from when I was growing up chasing the darn things ALL OVER THE PLACE trying to catch them.

womandriver said...

Sounds like an episode of Abbott and Costello... or I Love Lucy! :) Found your blog from Wendy's. :)