Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AWOL again :)

Spring has sprung and things have been busy here at the old homestead.The flowers are up and the herbs have sprung out of the ground with a vengeance. The weather has been beautiful . We went from 40 to 80. I thought there was another jail break when I couldn't find Sweetie ( one of the little hens) one morning. Hubby went down to take a look and found her in the crate curled up in a cute little ball. I'm to short to see in without standing on a rock to see her lol .When she got up to eat Hubby saw 10 little eggs. Maybe just maybe we'll see some chicks soon. The spring cleaning has started ( can you hera the family graoning lol ). Most of Bear's clothes have been switched out. Our clothes are next. Than it's on to the curtains. The fan's have been dragged out of storage. Cobwebs have been cleared and with the windows open the house smells fresh and clean. Good bye to winter. I've been working on the other house a couple of hours a day. Trying to get it ready to put on the market.

I'm having croquet withdrawals :) . My arm is a lot better . Soon I'll be swimming in yarn lol lol . I've got big crafty plans. I've been buying quilt squares. All I'll need is the fabric for the backing than hopefully I can start on that . I want to make rag rugs. We've been saving all of our old clothes forever lol and I swear I keep finding more. So looks like I'll be cutting and sewing some rugs . I still have a ton of stuff to paint up. I guess I better get hopping.

So that's it for now. Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Molly said...

Just stumbled apon your blog this evening. Looking for other crafty mommas out there :) I'll be back for sure.