Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Time sure does fly lol . Well spring break started here on Monday . The big kids are in Florida with their dad and step mom . Us ........well we've just been hanging out. M finished moving back to take care of his mom. He had a full house of stuff but couldn't take it all sooooo lol Bear ended up with not only the computer desk but a dresser, wall unit and a set of metal cube shelves . We spent Monday re-doing his room . Of course he was all excited to get big kid stuff lol lol. What a job but it was worth every ache and pain. Now all of his books are in one spot and everything was sorted and re organized. Yippee!!!!!!!!! One room down and 3 more to go. Hopefully I'll be able to get to them in the next week or so.I haven't been able to get to the other house yet. The weather is just so weird it's still really cold in there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it warms up soon so I can get in there and get it started.
I've been getting ready for Easter. We have all of the goodies for Bear and the kids. I just have to pick up some odds and ends for Easter dinner and we're set. I still have to stuff the eggs but Bear can smell goodies a mile away lol so I'll wait until the last minute :) Tomorrow I have to run out to grab some stuff. Hubby wants to replace the 2 little chickens that we lost to an animal. They were his babies and he took it really hard. We also want some turkeys. I'm figuring 2 for us and a couple of extras for family and friends. Hubby is talking about getting some ducks for the pond . Our neighbors are going to freak lol lol since C just picked up ducks too lol. I guess it's not as weird as the goats and pigs we had last year right ?????Than stop and grab the rest of the fixings for Easter dinner.
Not much crafting going on here. I am working on a lap blanket for a Christmas present but that's it. M's mom sent over a big bag of eye lash yarn ( insert evil laugh here) I'm trying to figure out what I can make with it. Hopefully I can get some other stuff done in the coming weeks with pics of course. I found some really cute doll patterns that I can't wait to tackle. And lol I really want to make a quilt for our room. Do I know how to make a quilt?????? Nope but I'm hoping to figure it out. I've had a queen size batting( bought on sale of course lol ) in storage for a year I guess it's time to get my act together.Internet here I come lol.I try to remember to take pictures as I find my way around quilt making.

So that's about it for now. Til next time have a great day.

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