Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well....... damn

Yeah damn .... you never guess what I did. Are you ready?????? I fractured my left fore arm :0
How did I do that you ask ????? I have no idea. I moved around Bear's room on Monday that night my arm was bothering me I just figured I pulled something. Tuesday more of the same but now there was a huge bruise. By Wednesday it was swollen, so off to the Dr's one xray later yep a small hair line fracture. UGH!!!!!!! I didn't get a cast thank god. Just a ace bandage, a splint and a sling . I feel like an idiot. Hubby just looked at me and said " How on earth did you do that and not feel it" . Just lucky I guess lol.

Easter was good we did the normal, eating until we couldn't move, the kids just hanging out and eat more candy then is humanly possible. Than we all passed out lol lol. The last couple of days have been quiet. I can't do much with this arm ( typing one hand truly stinks) so I'm just hanging out . Thankfully everyone has been helping out so things are rolling along. Ok I'm gonna get off of here much more to come. Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!

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Wendy said...

ouch! Hope it heals quickly!