Thursday, February 5, 2009


Woke up this morning to see it was a whopping 3 degrees . I really look forward to going to let the chickens out ... not lol . I end up wearing 3 coats, Hubby's balaclava, and a heavy pair of gloves and hope I don't freeze : ). Than it's off to walk the dog..... yep we're dog sitting for "C" while he's working out of town . She's a pointer, super cute and every well behaved . Once the kids are all off to school I can hide in the house until Bear gets home.

So today is house cleaning day lol. I've let things slide a bit so.... I'm starting to feel a bit better now that we replaced the humidifier. Guess the house was to dry. I want to get everything done before the weekend cause we have big plans lol. I got most of the shopping done. Tomorrow I'm going to finish up and hit the 1 and only thrift store in town. They're having a 50% off sale so I figured what the hell. I need a thrift fix.

Tons of cooking happening here. Hubby likes short bread cookies so after some searching I found a really simple cookie recipe that with a bit of tweaking is perfect. I also found a really great raisin bread recipe. Than ( hahaha) I found a crock pot recipe of yogurt. Bear loves yogurt so I figured why not. It is great everyone loves it so no more buying yogurt and no more plastic cups going into the land fill.

Well thats about it I'm off for now . Til next time .

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Hot Belly Mama said...

Aw, thank you for giving me a picture of how my life will be like next winter with our chickens. They can be left alone for a few days just like cats, right? lol.