Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok first a bit of back round. Both Hubby and Bear sleep walk. Now Bear isn't to bad cause I can pick him up ( for now any way) and drop him in bed. But Hubby on the other hand well he's 6 ft ... I'm 5 ft 4 hahahaha so I have to be more creative lol. Needless to say I'm a light sleeper .On to Tuesday night . We went to bed around 9. Bear started about an hour later. After we chased him around I decided to just sleep in his room. OK so I settle him down toss my arm over him ( to keep him from getting away from me lol ) start to fall asleep and hear a click. UH??????WHAT????growl , hiss . OK drag my tired butt out of bed figuring that Hubby was wandering around ( still growling and hissing) walk into the living room and ..... nothing ...uh ??????? Check our room there he is snoring away. OKAY maybe I'm losing it ( God knows I'm friggen loony tunes lol ), Bear is talking, off to he's room get him settled, start to fall asleep and CLICK. WTF!?!? *Drag myself out of bed.... click. Search the house don't see anything go back to bed. CLICK. Repeat *. I don't know how many times I wandered around the house cursing and looking for what was clicking but at some point I passed out. Morning rolls around , Bear gets up and turns on the coffee pot lol mommy needs coffee. I roll out of bed grab a cup of coffee and toss a waffle in the toaster for Bear. UMMMM the waffle is a little soft fridge must be on self defrost. CLICK!!!!!! What????? CLICK!!!!!! Damn it !!!!!! Drag out the fridge ummm. CLICK!!!!! Hubby and I stand there CLICK!!!!! Bet you see where this is going. I open the freezer and .....damn things are defrosting. Shit.... Hubby and I grab the laundry basket and start moving stuff to the other freezer. Fridge is warm shit shit shit . Grab some milk crates toss the stuff in and pile them in the snow. (Bang bang bang the sound of me banging my head on the wall) Hubby works on it for a while but it's dieing slowly . Now I'm pissed off and over tired, Hubby is waiting for my head to explode , thank god he doesn't try to make me feel better lol he hopes for the best and waits until it passes. Do we buy a used one or new umm????? It was a hard call for us ,we really want to get out of here this year, to buy a new one but Hubby found one and got a great deal . So we spent all day yesterday cleaning and organizing the kitchen. We had to move the microwave, it used to be on top of the fridge but the new one is to high, so we ended up with it on the counter. How we have to remember where the microwave is lol lol . But we made it lol .

Now I'm off to start dinner : ) Til next time have a great day.

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