Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello there

First some pics....

New heating pad covers
Bear's Harry Potter robe
HAHAHA Franken robe

MIL's cape

Cape for MIL's bingo buddy lol

Some Christmas ornaments 10 cents a piece for some projects I have planned

Some wired Christmas ribbon cheap lol

Super cheap Christmas fabric

Things are moving along here at the old homestead. It's been another one of those long weeks. We did some shopping . Picked up a couple t shirts and sweats for Bear. Sissy grabbed 2 more shirts for work. Gotta love the clearance racks : ). Buddy had all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled so he was home most of the week only going to school to take tests. " C" took Miss B to the breeder to well lol breed lol. We got her back yesterday guess we'll see. Today we're going to start getting the canary's ready for breeding. No parakeets this year. Dalila died so we would have to buy another bird. I don't see that happening but you never can tell. Everyone has been enjoying the warmer weather, including the chickens. Looks like a have a couple of rooster boyfriends lol lol . When I go down to let them out 3 of the roosters ( including my first rooster boyfriend Casanova lol ) meet me and do the rooster dance of love lol lol lol . So looks like spring is in the air. But Hubby just told me that it looks like we're in for another weird storm. You know the kind , might be rain , maybe snow , how about some ice just to make things interesting. So looks like I'll spend sometime today getting ready just in case.
I did get most of the stuff done last weekend as you can see by the pic's. Still more to do but at least I'm putting a bent in it . The kids are on vacation this week so it's a perfect time to really get into the other house and get that moving. It's funny how things just pile up. So I'll do the old half hour at a time bit til it's done. The rest of the week well .... I'll just play it by ear. See what happens.
Ok I'm off . Til next time, stay save and have a great day.

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Kay said...

I love wired ribbon. I just dont' know what to ever do with it, so I fondle it. lol
Yours are especially lovely.